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The aim of this course is to introduce the student to the fundamental aspects of modelling, planning and control for mobile and autonomous robots, and mobile manipulators.

The course covers the main aspects of mobile robotics and mobile manipulation, making reference to indoor, outdoor and off-road environments. Classical and modern planning and control techniques are introduced.

At the end of the course, a case study is presented to show the application of planning and control methodologies to a realistic problem. The course can be taken as a standalone 5 credits course or as a module of the integrated course Control of industrial and mobile robots, together with Control of industrial robots.

Lecture timetable

The course is composed by a blending of lectures by the course teacher, and exercises by a teaching assistant. See the official time table on Polimi website.

Teaching material


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Past exams (Control of Mobile Robots)

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Past exams (Control of Industrial and Mobile Robots)

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Office hours

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Online resources

The following are links to online sources which might be useful to complement the material above